Ancient Legend

Edamanal is historically known as Varisai Pathu. Local folklore legend has it that a row of ten Shiva Lingams were located in what is now known as Edamanal. In Tamil, varisai means row and pathu means ten. Hence the name Varisai Pathu. Even now, an area in Edamanal is called Varisai Pathu.

The origin of these ten Lingams is not well documented. Perhaps some interested party can do research on it. There is some belief that Lord Rama and Sage Markandeya worshipped these Lingams.

Currently, including the Lingam in this temple, at least three Lingams have been installed within proper shrines, where regular pujas are performed. In addition, one or two other Lingams are known to be visible elsewhere in this general area. Since Edamanal Kasi Viswanathaswamy idol was discovered partially underground, it is quite possible that a few other remaining ones of these 10 Lingams are sunk underground as well.

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