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Edamanal Sri Kasi Viswanathaswamy Temple » Chola Era Legend

Chola Era Legend

Sundaramurthy Swamigal

A very inspiring event, which happened during Sundaramurthy Nayanar’s time (8th Century AD), has been well documented. There are at least two references for this event.

One of these references is found in the book on Thirumurai published by Dharmapura Adheena Matam. Thirumurai is a collection of twelve holy scriptures in Tamil composed by twenty seven exalted Shaivite devotees. This Adheenam publication includes elaborate description of the sthala puranam corresponding to each composition.  The reference for this event comes under the groups of third and seventh Thirumurai. The third Thirumurai consists of one of the groups of Thevaram renditions sung by Thirugnana Sambandhar. The seventh Thirumurai consists of the group of compositions sung by Sundaramurthy Nayanar Swamigal. In both the third and the seventh Thirumurai, the sthala puranam for the renditions on the Deity named Velladai Easan at Thirukkurugavur refers to this sacred event.

The second reference comes under the title of Thirumurai Thalangal (places sanctified by compositions from Thirumurai) on the official website of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. This event is described under the link to Thirukkurugavur within the Thirumurai Thalangal part of the Tamil section of this website.

Here is how this event is described:

During one of his sthala yathras (pilgrimage), Sundaramurthy Nayanar, along with a group of devotees, was on his way to Thirukkurugavur from Thirumullai Vasal. After having dharshan of Lord Mullai Nathar at Thirumullai Vasal, they were proceeding westward to have dharshan of Lord Velladai Easan at Thirukkurugavur. While passing through Varisai Pathu along the way, Sundarar and his group of devotees were overcome with extreme hunger and thirst. Knowing their plight, Easwara and Ambal appeared as a brahmin couple and were waiting for them in a refreshment stand (known in Tamil as thanneer pandhal – literally meaning water canopy). While Sundarar’s group was resting under the canopy and reciting the sacred manthra of Shiva, the couple offered water and ready-to-eat picnic meal (referred to as kattamudu in Tamil) and relieved their hunger and thirst.

After this refreshment, Sundarar and his group were having a restful nap there. Lo and behold, when they woke up, they saw no trace of the brahmin couple. Nor did they find any trace of the pandhal. Sundarar realized that it was Easwara Himself, Who had appeared there with Ambal to relieve His devotees at the time of need. Overcome with emotion, he sang a pathigam that starts with “iththanai yaamatrai arindhilen” at the temple of Velladai Easan in Thirukkurugavur.

The place where this refreshment stand appeared out of nowhere is none other than Varisai Pathu, currently known as Edamanal. At this location, there was also an idol of Vinayakar. This Vinayakar is named Kattamudu Vinayakar for this reason.

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